Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a short term high intensity programme of physical exercise to improve fitness levels in healthy middle-aged people (55-65 years).  It is designed to be:

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  • Straightforward to perform in the home or workplace
  • Short in duration and easy to integrate into a normal daily routine
  • Easily monitored remotely by a healthcare professional if necessary
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The efficacy of exercise prescriptions are accessed using quantitative measures based on electrophysiological, kinetic and kinematic data (EMG, ECG, force plate, accelerometry) and act as a guide towards the most effective interventions Tadora

A complete home/work technology platform has been developed for the project, using a wearable wireless sensors system (SHIMMER™) and an open shareable  software platform (BioMOBIUS™). This facilitates effective monitoring and biofeedback during exercise whilst enhancing end-user motivation and involvement in the process.

  • Overview of Stepping Stones
  • How we designed the Stepping Stones system
  • About the technology behind Stepping Stones