Technology Platform

An examination of the various TRIL Centre research themes reveals a series of basic, common technological needs including the software and hardware for devices such as home sensors, mobile physiological status monitors, or communication assistants. Addressing the common technological needs of each theme would best be served by a multi-disciplinary team of technologists and design experts to create an open architecture, common platform which would serve as a technological foundation for all themes.

The common technology platform will provide the core technologies and functional elements throughout the TRIL Centre’s research strands to accelerate the research and allow the researchers to focus on domain issues rather than building out redundant core technologies to conduct the experiments. Thus by design the Technology Platform becomes the foundation of the TRIL Centre.

Platform operates in two (2) phases:

Phase 1

The first phase is the creation of rapid prototypes for the various TRIL Centre research themes which deliver useful data collection and aggregation systems in order to expedite initial data collection for that theme. The Technology Platform team works to ensure these prototypes are functionally gathering the data, although these technologies may not be in the exact configuration and form factor of the final research platform.

Phase 2

As the strategic implementation of these rapid prototypes is conducted, the Technology Platform works on second phase objectives, gathering the essential parameters required for testing from each of the themes in order to create the specifications and requirements for a reusable open architecture platform. This platform collects, collates, and correlates user data from a portfolio of building blocks and serves as the basis for a common sensor, computing and communications platform. The final form of the Technology Platform is essentially an open architecture kit of the building blocks and ingredients which will enable researchers throughout the European Union to rapidly deploy and conduct technologically agnostic research and substantially accelerate an improvement in global health-care.